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  • A.C.P. Samsara Delay

    A.C.P. Samsara Delay

    輪迴 Saṃsāra is designed with A.C.P., a handmade guitar effect pedals brand based in Hong Kong. Our unique pedals are inspired by our culture and made by passion. Each unit of Saṃsāra boasts three exceptional delay modes: Mod Delay, Reverse Delay, and Tape Echo Delay. Each mode delivers a unique sonic experience and opens up a world of possibilities…

  • Vector Synthesis

    Vector Synthesis

    In the course of Intro to the Sci for Artists/ Lam Miu Ling 2018, I attempted to create an experimental audio-visual using an audio signal from a sound synthesizer feeding into a modded CRT TV. pd.Osc is an audio-visual piece created for my graduation project in 2020 which is a further development of my interests…

  • Innervoice


    BOUND, a bar located in Prince Edward, Hong Kong, worked with The Glenlivet to present a series of live music events called “INNERVOICE.” This collaboration offers independent musicians the opportunity to showcase their liveset twice a month at BOUND’s Backstage venue. live visual: safety orange 1st April, 2023

  • No input mixer improvisation
  • [ 靈魂復興 ] x [ Yingdak collective ] – the old house

    [ 靈魂復興 ] x [ Yingdak collective ] – the old house

    Line Up:∅空集(Dark Ambient/Doom)The Black Sea(Ambient)Maenad & the Ravers(Dark Wave/Gothic) VJ:neo.yeung X Crystal Bug 30 October, 2021

  • Playgroup – Sound Studies

    Playgroup – Sound Studies

    Playgroup – Sound Studies is an event on playing and discussion on the topic of sound and sonic art. This session is an outcome of a previous media artists gathering at the space in October. The group of 3 artists will play their selected instruments such as synthesizers, digital interfaces, computers, and music software, studying…

  • Cassette tape loop

    Cassette tape loop

    early cassette tape loop impro, 22 November, 2018