Vector Synthesis

In the course of Intro to the Sci for Artists/ Lam Miu Ling 2018, I attempted to create an experimental audio-visual using an audio signal from a sound synthesizer feeding into a modded CRT TV.

pd.Osc is an audio-visual piece created for my graduation project in 2020 which is a further development of my interests in vector synthesis. Custom-made Max patches and software synthesizers are used to generate the audio source and the composition is arranged in Ableton Live. The 2-channel audio signal is fed into an oscilloscope running in X-Y mode.

video coloured with Resolume VJ software

previous Max patch translated to Pure Data in 2022 and developed more sound modules
a set of sound module design in the pd.Osc patch is software version of the Graphic Artist developed in 1978 by Mitchell Waite, published Popular Electronics Magazine