Vector Synthesis

“Vector Synthesis is a computational art project inspired by theories of media archaeology, by the history of computer and video art, and by the use of discarded and obsolete technologies such as the Cathode Ray Tube monitor.”

Derek Holzer,, 2020


In the course of Intro to the Sci for Artists/ Lam Miu Ling 2018, I attempted to create an experimental audio-visual using an audio signal from a sound synthesizer feeding into a modded CRT TV.

pd.Osc is an audio-visual piece created for my graduation project in 2020 which is a further development of my interests in vector synthesis. Custom-made Max patches and software synthesizers are used to generate the audio source and the composition is arranged in Ableton Live. The 2-channel audio signal is fed into an oscilloscope running in X-Y mode.

video coloured with Resolume VJ software

previous Max patch translated to Pure Data in 2022 and developed more sound modules
a set of sound module design in the pd.Osc patch is software version of the Graphic Artist developed in 1978 by Mitchell Waite, published Popular Electronics Magazine