Sky Kung is a Hong Kong-based media artist, sound designer and electronics instrument creator. His practice explores sound synthesis and physical computing. He obtained a BA (Hons) in the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong.

the black sea is a project that started to produce and perform ambient and drone music in 2018. In addition to utilising guitars and synthesizers, musical compositions incorporate cassette tapes and custom-made instruments.


09.02.2024 Recalibration @Floating Projects 據點。句點

26.08.2023 nowknowknown

05.04.2023 nnscya x the black sea x Zheng Hao@ Twenty Alpha


30.10.2021 [靈魂復興聯合計劃] 》The Old House 《 [Yingdak collective] 

02.08.2020 靈魂復興 ColdBlues Live Streaming @ room68

08.02.2020 Dystopian Re-Noises Sound & Audio-visual Performance @Floating Projects 據點。句點

18.03.2019 ∅ x the black sea x LLAMA / OLO(Switzerland) 

14.12.2018 Noise to Signal 0.50: Dream of Voltage @SAAL Live Music

01.12.2018 Playgroup:Sound studies @Floating Projects 據點。句點

25.08.2018 Cheapdoy 美勞展 Opening Act @HKCR

28.07.2018 中間景觀:Forests 森林 / Nerve / The Black Sea x Crystal Bug (VJ) Supporting Act @MOM Livehouse